Targeted Email/Mail Service

UNSW offers a Direct Mail/Email service via Careers and Employment. You have the option of sending mail and/or email to specific students or graduates. Please note that this service is only available for advertising employment or related opportunities.

We can provide advice on:

  • Cost-effective strategies
  • Effective timing
  • Relevant majors for your needs

You can inform students quickly, economically and directly of:

  • Graduate employment
  • Vacation employment
  • Part-time & contract employment
  • International employment

Currently we can provide access to:

  • 40,300 UNSW students
  • 10,800 final-year UNSW students
  • International and Australian residents

We can further breakdown the target market by:

  • Course
  • Major
  • Session
  • Year of Completion and
  • Residency status

Details & Procedures

Mail Services

Mailout occurs within 3 days of receipt of employer materials. We arrange envelopes, addressing and postage.
For information that fits within a DL (business size) envelope the cost is $2.80 per student (inc postage & GST). For larger packages the cost of postage must also be borne by the employer.

Email Services
An email will be distributed by Careers and Employment to specified students. Employers may supply additional material which will be placed on the Careers and Employment website, and a link will be emailed to the students. The cost of this service is $1.50 per student (inc GST)

Mail Service Procedures
Please review our Student Statistics link to determine your target group/s. You may also request information via our Student Statistics Request Form. You may wish to review the Online UNSW Handbook.

We will notify you of the number of students who meet your criteria and arrange for receipt of your materials. When sending materials please mark them to the attention of the Employer Programs Coordinator. Our postal address can be found with our contact details.

Please be aware that Careers and Employment includes the following disclaimer in each mailout.

"This information has been sent to you on our behalf by UNSW Careers and Employment without the disclosure of your name and address details. The provision of this information does not constitute an endorsement by the University of the merits or otherwise of the organisation providing the information. UNSW is simply passing on information which Careers and Employment feels may assist you in your job search. You should make your own enquiries to verify any of the information given."

Email Service Procedures
Email distribution occurs within 3 days of receipt of your information. Please review our Student Statistics link to determine your target group/s. The above disclaimer is included in each email sent. You may wish to review the Online UNSW Handbook.

For the email to be distributed you will need to provide:

  • an introductory paragraph you would like emailed to the students
  • any other information you would like sent. This will be placed on the Careers and Employment website and the students emailed the link
  • your company web site or address where further information or application procedures/forms can be found


  • Download our Student Statistics Request Form.
    NB: If statistics are not already online, and if you do not proceed with using our Targeted Email/Mail Service, a fee of $55 will apply.
  • Online UNSW Handbook: complete list of available courses to assist in identifying your target market.
  • Further student statistics can be found on the UNSW Planning Office website.