Professional Development Program: expression of interest to supervise a student(s) for workplace experience - Semester 2, 2018

The UNSW Professional Development Program (International Students) is an initiative to assist UNSW international students with English as a second language to further develop their communication and employability skills in a professional setting and gain practical workplace experience to enhance their career opportunities.The experience also allows them to gain a better understanding of Australian workplace culture and communication styles.

If you are able to provide a student with an opportunity within your office, and you are willing to support and mentor the student through this experience, then this is the program for you!

(eg, Professor)
Which skills, knowledge and experience would be considered favourable for a student to have?
Please select which most describes the workplace experience tasks
Please note students in this program are assumed to have limited technical skills. If your workplace experience requires a high level of technical skills, the choice of candidates may be very limited.
What duties and tasks will be involved in the workplace experience? If it is project-based please provide a description of the project.
The primary purpose of this program is to provide the international student with some Australian workplace experience, to allow them to gain a better understanding of Australian workplace culture and communication styles. It is not appropriate if the student is given a project or research task to complete from home. Please confirm that the tasks will take place in your office:
We teach students in this program about the value of building and maintaining their professional network. They often feel really shy about interacting with you and your colleagues and struggle with things like "small talk". A few ways to assist them with this include, introducing them to your work colleagues, encouraging them to join in morning teas, coffee catch-ups and lunch, allowing them to attend meetings with you, inviting them to join in on events or any networking opportunities. These experiences really help to build their confidence.
We are happy to select a student/s for you, however if you would really like to interview, we will allocate interview timeslots on a first come first served basis.
If you are flexible with the start date and happy to negotiate this with the student, please state "flexible".