The Youth Leadership Conference is back with more exciting activities.

This year, Youth Leadership Conference 2017 (Session 1) enables participants coming from diverse cultural backgrounds to have a discussion and experience sharing session regarding cultural intelligence together, which is definitely beneficial to all of you who are interested and proactive in culture diversity. 

In addition, through the participation in a series of events in the Conference, you can also expect to learn invaluable leadership skills and develop your global leadership capacity and to network with other like-minded students within NSW!

Therefore, sign up for our Youth Leadership Conference NOW!

Event: Youth Leadership Conference, Session 1: Cultural Intelligence

Date: Saturday, 9 September 2017

Time: 12 pm-6.00pm

Location: Sydney Lower Town Hall, 483 George and Druitt Street, Sydney 2000 NSW

Booking: https://isla-youth-leadership-conference-2017.even...

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